Blackpool LUG: From the mailing list Jan 2004

These posts from 2004 show the early days of the Blackpool LUG.

These are the first messages from the founders of Blackpool LUG:-


Christopher Ganderton 70810 at
Fri Jan 23 13:07:51 GMT 2004

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So is there actually anyone subscribed to this list or what?

Linux user 338000 !!
I feel so unique 🙂


Chris White chris at
Tue Apr 6 15:49:54 BST 2004

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Is there anybody out there?

Chris White

Chris Ganderton chris at
Sun Jul 11 14:52:09 BST 2004

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Just wondering if anyone had any info on what’s happeneing with the LUG?

has anyone spoken with chris recently about the LUG to get some indication if he’s going to get
chance to get a meeting together or something?

chris ganderton


There doesn’t seem to have been much activity on the lug yet. There was talk
in the Preston group of going along to dnscon ( which is in
blackpool next weekend. Short notice i know, but perhaps an ideal
opportunity to for a first meeting to get things started?


Hi everyone, my name is Mike Hewitt, and I run a
project in Blackpool which provides free computers
into the voluntary sector. We have a computer suite
consisting of ten computers installed with various
Linux distros, and broadband access through a
smoothwall firewall. I would like to offer use of the
suite to the Blackpool LUG free of charge. I have
tried the national LUG site, and the Blackpool LUG
site but have been unable to get a response. If the
Blackpool LUG exists, could some one please contact me?

Best regards,
Mike Hewitt
Project leader
PC Recycler
A Fylde Coast CVS project

Following this post, the Blackpool LUG administrator contacted me, and after discussing various options,the Blackpool LUG administrator handed over ‘the reins’ to PC Recycler, who have been running the LUG since then.

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