Meetings – looking for projects

Well it was a slightly quieter meeting today just Mike, Colin and myself. We had a look at Ubuntu 10.04 beta 1 which unfortunately would not run in Live mode on the PC we used ( It might be a bug as I haven’t tried it on my Core 2 Duo as yet) we also looked at the new Lubuntu beta 1 the first official community release of Ubuntu with the LXDE GUI looked good but crashed a couple of times in live mode, I may try installing them both in Virtual; Box to have a proper look and see if these are still issues.
We then had a look at Colin’s aging Think Pad laptop with a view to installing one of the very small distro’s but we were again up against the God’s as the CD drive would not allow it to boot from CD despite finally working out how to get into the strange bios set up and setting it up to boot from CD.
The rest of the session was discussing Linux from Scratch and the possibility of creating our own distro, Mike did point out that this was a big undertaking and without a programming background quite a difficult task.
Thanks to Colin for the Coffee and Les in his absence for the chocolate 🙂
Well that will be it for a while as there is no meeting for the next 2 weeks and possibly 3 due to other commitments and the Easter break.

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