The open disk project

The OpenDisc project is about making available some of the common Free and open source software available in a easy to access disc.
They have packaged together a bundle of the most common needed tools to make a Windows computer a productive environment without having to spend a small fortune before your PC is able to do what you want it to. The software on the disc is aimed at windows PC’s as all of the software is either included or easily accessible to users of most current GNU/Linux Distributions.
Tools and software included on both the basic and the Education Discs include software for:
Office and Design, Internet, Art and Graphics, Multimedia, Science and Mathematics, Games, Utilities, Advanced Internet.
The difference between the two discs is that the additional software on the Educational Disc is aimed at School/collage students
Both discs are downloadable as ISO files the basic disc comes in at just under 900Mb with the Education disc being 1.3Gig so if you are downloading the file you will need a broadband connection. However if you do not have fast internet access, for a relatively modest donation to the project they will Airmail 2 discs directly to your home address.
See their website for more information at:
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Open Disc 9.12

Submitted by tony1212 on Tue, 12/15/2009 – 21:18.
Just checked out the web site and they have a new version of Open Disc with a bunch of new software, the only downside is that this pushes the ISO download to 1.1Gig (which on 2Meg broadband take 1h 20m or longer to download) Other software has been updated to the latest version where appropriate.
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Opendisc 10.03

Submitted by tony1212 on Wed, 04/07/2010 – 10:31.
Just to let ypu know that Opendisc was updated in March and 10.03 is the current iso, also there was an update in January of the Open Education Dis and the current iso is 10.01
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Open Disc 10.09

Submitted by tony1212 on Mon, 09/20/2010 – 12:17.
Hi Guys and Girls just to keep up to date with this post Open Disc 10/09 is now out with all the software updated to the most current version.

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