Meeting – Puppy linux woof builder

Three of us at the meeting today, Mike, Colin and Tony, Colin supplied the Coffee.

Mike wanted to look at using the Woof distro of Puppy Linux to compile a Debian based Puppy remix. After a lot of frustrating to-ing and fro-ing we installed Puppy 4.3.1 and Mike installed the Woof package after downloading it from the web site. Then the fun began and we realised it was a more complex task as had be first thought. We will probably come back to this task at a later date as we ran out of time to install the previous version of Woof that Mike had used in the past, and were not getting very far with the version we were using.

Hi guys –

Sorry the experiment to build puppy using the ‘woof’ builder didn’t work out on Saturday.
I took the machine home and started again from scratch, just accepting all the defaults. The result was karmic puppy, I have uploaded the iso here:-

if anyone wants to try it.
the full procedure took about 4 hours, so we will not be able to cover it in a 2 hour meeting, but I intend to do it again in a virtual machine which will enable me to take screen shots to act as a future guide.


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