Debian ARM cross compiler/toolchain

Cross Toolchains

We provide a set of apt-able tools built from standard Debian binutils and gcc sources.
We are currently working on keeping the tools synchronised with Debian, and maintaining installable sets for unstable, testing and lenny. Builds are still handled manually so are sometimes out of date. If you have any trouble finding current packages in the main repository, you may find something useful in Hector Oron’s toolchain download area.
Please check Toolchain Wiki page for the latest news on the matter.
The cross-toolchains can not yet be built in Debian proper because there is no mechanism for the autobuilders to understand cross-dependencies. We are working on dealing with this problem so that crosstools can become standard debian packages, but until that is done you need to add the emdebian repository to your sources.list.
If you install emdebian-tools, and run emsetup -a arch it will add suitable sources.list entries for you. Be sure to edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ files and add your Debian suite.
To set things up manually edit /etc/apt/sources.list to add one of the lines below.

# -- Emdebian sources.list entries
# deb unstable main
# deb testing main
deb lenny main

Then do apt-get update to update your local lists.
Once you have that then install whichever version of the tools you want. e.g:
apt-get install libc6-armel-cross libc6-dev-armel-cross binutils-arm-linux-gnueabi gcc-4.3-arm-linux-gnueabi g++-4.3-arm-linux-gnueabi
will install the gcc-4.3 C and C++ toolchain for armel cross-compiling.
For details on how to build your own tools see also how to build your own toolchain.

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