Meeting – unetbootin and qemu

Today we had Colin, Mike and Les present at the LUG.

After a brief chat about our plug on the Linux Outlaws podcast, we set to work on installing a Microcore linux iso file on a USB pen drive via Unetbootin.
The install went well, and we were quickly able to boot the distro on my eee pc (701 4G). We used microcore’s own package management kit to install Firefox and Sylpheed email client. We also looked at backing up the custom config we had created for microcore, but were unable to restore the backup on reboot, we’ll need to look into this again.

We tried to take a look at a ChromeOS ISO, which was installed to a USB pen drive by Unetbootin, unfortunately it would not boot, it kept asking for a valid CD/DVD drive. Which is strange for a netbook distro. I think for future meetings we should try the virtual machine image in QEMU or Virtualbox.

Mike showed us Flinks a speed reading / flash card tool that uses Lynx text web browser to speed read websites, handy for cramming knowledge into your brain.

Lastly we discussed what we would like to do at next weeks LUG.

  • Les would like to learn about Slackware
  • Colin would like to learn more about ChromeOS.
  • Looking forward a few weeks, what would people like to see at the LUG?

  • Basic command line skills?
  • Beginners guide to programming?
  • Or anything else, any suggestions welcome.
  • See you all next week

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