Meetings – topics to do?

during the run up to our 3 week break, several topics of interest started to emerge.

Les is interested in web sites/hosting/development and started a web page design session. Dave started to set up a Drupal site. Colin is interested in Tiny core, how linux works and command line stuff. Several have mentioned an interest in command line, scripting and/or programming.

We might struggle to fit in all the different topics in just two hours a week.

But then, we don’t actually need to be at the meeting to get things done, Linux is after all a world wide collaboration.

I have set up a drupal site for you to play with:-

How Linux works: Linux from scratch has an excellent manual here:- I have worked part way through this (built the required toolchain.)

Minix is a mini unix initially designed as a teaching aid, the wiki is here:- I have this running in Qemu, and it looks like Linux from years ago.

Programming There are numerous excellent articles on programming, just google for your preferred language. O’reilly have made one of my favorite books available online, writing Linux device drivers:- and there are many others.

I have been doing some digging around looking for a way to get started with ‘ARM’ processors. Progress so far is here:-

Hope this helps to keep the ball rolling, see you next week.

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