Meeting – free Drupal/PHP hosting

At this weeks meeting, we looked at how to get free hosting with php/mysql support.

We then installed Drupal at the host of our choice, and the three members present, Les, Colin, and Tony were assigned admin rights to enable them to practice different aspects of Drupal.

There will be no content added to the site, it is just there to practice configuration and administration.


A good meeting this morning Mike, Les Colin and Tony. Colin had a Flash Drive which he wanted to check out, a 128 Gig (yes I do mean Gig) one he had got off e-bay for the princely sum of £40. Unfortunately this was not the bargain we all first thought, as it was not working and no amount of fiddling by Mike or Colin could resolve the issue. Colin also had a brief play at running a live Ubuntu CD in his aging Apple laptop but while it did work after a fashion there was a problem with the video and it was very slow. After this the 4 of us decided to look at using the Drupal web content management software to set up a web site on a free hosting site, there was a problem with the byte host site so Mike set another up on the site. We looked at getting the site registered and setting up the SQL data base before setting it up with Drupal.

Tony 2010-04-17 22:11 UTC

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