Meeting – Acronis11 restores MBR

Two separate sessions today.
Tony and Les spent the full two hours trying to figure out why the latest ubuntu would set up mobile broadband on an Acer Aspire netbook and an eePC, netbook, but would not set it up on Tony’s laptop, nor could they persuade it to work. Tony decided to wait for the next Linux Mint to appear.

Colin and I spent the two hours attempting to get a small (6gig) external USB drive to boot a copy of Crunchbang Linux, which failed. Then we tried Puppy Linux which also failed but only because we selected the wrong place for the bootloader. During this process, we wiped out the windows 7 bootloader on the machine we were using leaving it unable to boot.

Tried booting from an XP install disk and used “fixmbr”, but it didn’t!
Tried booting from the windows 7 installation disk and used “repair my computer”, but it didn’t!
The machine had an Acronis recovery partition which didn’t recover it to bootable condition.
Eventually noticed that Acronis 11 has the option to restore the MBR, that fixed it.

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