Meeting – Qemu comes in from the cold

Qemu comes in from the cold.

Several years ago I saw a USB stick plugged into a windows machine, and Linux started in a window on the desktop.
This was Qemu. It was impressive, but too slow to be considered for serious use.

Fast forward to todays powerful hardware, and it is now usable.
I have seen a very broad generalisation which indicates that Qemu runs at about 20% native speed. (Long document, search for 20%)
That does not sound like a lot, but if you have 20% of a dual or quad core, that is likely to be more power than windows98 had in it’s day.

Today we demonstrated a USB stick which could be plugged into a machine running windows or linux, and then started windows98 in Qemu on either desktop.
Windows98 performed at good speed with no ‘stutters’, on a dual core Dell inspiron 530.

Les had brought in his O2 Joggler again. We booted it into Ubuntu from a USB stick, then ran windows98 in Qemu on this as well.
Les took some pictures of this in action, and may post them later.

There are some reports on the web of people running windows3.1 in Qemu on an iphone!

Qemu is most certainly ‘on the up’.

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