Today there was Rob, Tony, Mike and Les present.

It was a mixed discussion today, not much computer time, made a nice change.

Rob brought in his Gigabyte Tablet PC, and showed us Meego
Meego is a really good operating system and shows great promise, we’ll keep an eye on this 😉

We discussed various topics today

  • ICT in schools, and how to hide a mouse inside a PC
  • Crisp packets, are they better than heat sinks?
  • Linux in schools, how can we get Linux into schools? Microsoft has such a dominance from the cradle to the grave, if we get Linux into schools then we stand a good chance that the next generation of users will be free software users
  • 10MB hard drives

We also had a brief chat about Barcamp Blackpool.
Tony, Rob, Rick and Les will be attending and promoting Ubuntu to the attendees. At our meeting on the 26th June we will go into more detail.
Pictures from the LUG are available here

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