Meeting – software freedom day Madlab Manchester

Hi Guys and Girls
Well we did not have a meeting in the conventional sense this week again as Les, Rob and myself were at the software freedom day event at Mad Lab in Manchester.
We set of from Blackpool North at 8.20am which meant a very early start for a Saturday Morning (up at 6.30am ugggg) On the train we had a bit of a natter and have come up with an idea for a Blackpool LUG logo, more of which we will talk about this coming Saturday, but think Tux and Blackpool Tower and you’ll get an idea.
Arrived in Manchester and made the short walk to Mad Lab arriving to find that they were still figuring out where to put stuff, so we grabbed a couple of tables and started to set up the laptops and net books we had taken to demo Ubuntu. We also put up the Ubuntu banner on the outside of the shop front.
After that it was a matter of talking to people as they came in about Linux/Ubuntu and other things open source software wise. Not a massive amount of folks came but enough that we were busy chatting for most of the 6 hours or so and there were not loads of people getting frustrated that they could not get there questions answered.
Packed up at 4.30 and had a coffee at the station before getting the train back at 17.19 from Victoria. Another long conversation on the way home and various ideas on how we would be spending the rest of the evening with Beer and food being high on the list for two of the company, No Names.
Was it a good Day, Yes, Tiring, but we had a good time and made some new Geeky friends and showed a few folks the advantages to Free open source software.

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