Meeting – distro server LTSP

Tony and Les are interested in building a pxe distro server.
Mike had used the Fedora K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) in the past and thought LTSP might make a good starting point for a distro server.

Just to clarify, what we are trying to build is a server that another computer can (pxe) boot from across the network, then choose from a selection of distro’s to install. The distro’s would be stored on the server.

The desire to do this came about when Tony obtained a small notebook computer which had no CD or floppy drive, and could not boot USB devices, but it could network boot. Tony wanted to install Ubuntu across the network.

The first step was to install Fedora LTSP on the sacrificial machine, and try to boot a laptop from it.

It was very interesting to see the Dell Latitude L400 boot and run Fedora, when you consider the resources Fedora usually needs.

Fedora have produced a live version of the terminal server, so you do not need to install to hard disk.

Two network cards are required, one for the server to get out onto the internet, and a second separate internal network with switch/hub for the clients. The clients can access the internet using the server connection.

After the live iso boots, a link to very clear and concise step by step configuration instructions appear on the desktop from this location:- /usr/share/k12linux-quick-start-guide/k12linux-quick-start-guide.html.
By following these instructions, everything ‘just works’.

A hard disk install can be done from the desktop if required.

From meetings

This little notebook is a P3 700MHz, with 256 memory, and here it is acting as a terminal running Fedora core 10.

Links to resources:-

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