Meeting – Solwise NET-3G-3G11nMRW 3.5G

Jon brought in his Solwise NET-3G-3G11nMRW 3.5G, which is apparently available for the knock down price of £34. Link to Solwise 3G router

This wall/desk mounted router accesses the internet using the USB dongle supplied by your mobile service provider. The service is then available to share via Ethernet or the integrated 802.11n Access Point. A Fail-Back mode is available to automatically back up a fixed internet connection when that service is interrupted.

3.5G/3G/GPRS + WiFi 11n Combo – ideal for mobility or backup of fixed broadband solution
Easy one-touch WPS WiFi security
Multiple SSID support – Support several client groups
Firewall and Wi-Fi Security – worry-free complete defense system
Efficient Bandwidth Usage – QoS to optimize bandwidth use
Internet Video Surveillance – Real Time Motion Detection and automatic E-mail Alert
Flexible power supply – mains / 5-12V / miniUSB (10W)

Next we looked at LTSP again and booted Jon’s little Toshiba P3 netbook over the network.
Jon wants to put Puppy Linux on this Toshiba at some stage, maybe next week.

Jon is also interested in embedded linux, and we took a look at our collection of ARM stuff

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