Arista – A Two-Click Video Conversion Tool For Linux

the simplicity of Arista Transcoder. Select your file, select what you’re converting to and you’re ready to go. Best of all: you can queue a number of files and then walk away, knowing the conversion will be handled for you.

Select your source file or disc, select the device you want to play your video on and, if you want, pick a preset. When you’re done simply click “Add To Queue” and Arista will get to work converting the file.
No, really: that’s it. Video conversion doesn’t get easier than this.
Optional items include subtitles, of course: you can pick a file with subtitles to embed, and you can even select whatever font you like. This is useful should you want to watch a French film on your iPod.

Linux users in general, and Ubuntu users especially, have long argued that their operating system of choice is easy to use. Software like Arista Transcoder helps prove this.
This program stays out of your way and lets you quickly accomplish a simple task: converting video. This is done without hindering the end user’s ability to customize the program, should they choose to do so. Simply put: I love software like this.

Get it here:-

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