Linux Mint Chrome Crashes at open – Google Chrome Help

[28787:28801:12760629989:FATAL:/usr/local/google/b/slave/chrome-official-linux/build/src/base/] Check failed: NSS_VersionCheck(“3.12.3”). We depend on NSS >= 3.12.3
Trace/breakpoint trap

Hope it helps….

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It pretty much tells you exactly what the problem is, Preistt: you either don’t have NSS installed, or the currently-installed version isn’t high enough to satisfy Chrome’s dependency on it. 

Trying launching Synaptic, and go do a search for a package called “nss”, and see if you can install a version of NSS that matches or is higher than the requested version from the error output you got.

I would also suggest upgrading all of the packages on your system, or doing a dist-upgrade if you have not already done so. If you don’t know how to do either, do a quick Google search to find-out how.

Good luck.
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Alright i fixed it…or it seems fixed. What i did was I went into Synaptic and looked for libnss3-d1 (I believe is the name).  Its already installed.  underneath it is a dbg and dev, etc when you install those, it updates nss, and chrome should work.

When i opened chrome is didn’t crash so i went to google extensions and then it did crash.  I don’t know if this is my computer or a common problem but i got an error about “glibc detected double free or corruption” which is a common linux error and i fixed it by entering “export MALLOC_CHECK_=0” into the terminal.

Now I am currently installing chrome extensions and everything seems fine.  Thank you for the help.

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