Blackpool LUG Meeting 22/01/2011

Those present, an outstanding **9** People
WOW!!! The highest number of attendees EVER!!
  • Mike
  • Tony
  • Peter
  • Les
  • Rob
  • Ed
  • Arran
  • John
  • Dave

What did we do today?

Les talked about UCubed, an event that he is organising in Manchester on the 2nd of April.

UCubed is an event that brings together the Ubuntu and Debian communities for a day of talks, hacking, learning and fun.
The main idea is that Ubuntu and Debian based distro users can get together and discuss their chosen distros, and learn from one another.
On the day there will be workshops hosted by the organisers and attendees, talks hosted by attendees and by special guests.
There will also be the oppurtunity for attendees to bring their projects / ideas to the event, and to work with others to develop said projects / ideas.
We are lucky to be supported by Canonical, the people that brought you Ubuntu, and by Linux Format, who are advertising our event in their magazine.
We are also very lucky to be supported by the Linux Outlaws and Ubuntu UK podcasts, both of which will be playing our adverts on their shows.
So please come along and enjoy the day, there’ll be lots to see and do, and all for free.

You can find out more at our website, which is we’ll have our website ready for mid February

We talked about the state of the Linux Kernel, in light of microsoft undertaking patent trolling. Microsoft have stated in previous attempts, that they have a patent on the ability for a user to temporarily elevate their privleges, along with a few other patents.
Unix users have been able to do this since the early 80’s, way before Microsoft was able to do this.
Microsoft trolling is also similar to previous attempts by SCO and Oracle, both of which have been thrown out of court.

Virtual Machines

Dave wanted to know more about running a virtual machine on his laptop.
A virtual machine can be defined as a method of running virtual hardware in a software environment. This can be through emulation, such as QEMU, or through virtualisation such as KVM/Virtualbox.
For todays lug we used Virtualbox, which is available at , Virtualbox is straightforward tool to setup virtual machines, and is avaialble for many distributions.
We were using Ubuntu as the “Host OS” (this is the operating system on which Virtualbox is running), so we could of used the software centre to download the packages for us, but the packages offered through Ubuntu are for the fully open source version, which does not include USB support. So instead we used the licensed, but free version from
We download the package and installed, which took about 5 minutes on our fast connection and equipment.
We then used a live CD of Damn Small Linux (DSL) to test the installation.
We configured the amount of RAM that the virtual machine would have available, then created a virtual hard drive, in case we wanted to install an OS. Next we configured the CD drive in Dave’s laptop to be available in Virtualbox (look under storage in settings 😉 )
After we had finished configuring the virtual machine, we then booted the DSL cd, in a couple of minutes we had a working virtual machine running DSL.
I hope Dave will enjoy using his new vitual machine.

Les handed out a few giffgaff sims.
Giffgaff is a new type of moobile telco, they offer really cheap deals, as they only offer a SIM card, they don’t sell phones, just network access.
Les is a big fan of giffgaff as they offer unlimited (fully unlimited no fair use policy) internet access on their 3G network, which is piggybacked on top of the O2 network, so coverage is very good.

The SIMs are free, and if you use Les’ link you will get an extra £5 on top of your first top up 😉

They offer a great “goodybag” for £10 a month, you get
250 minutes of calls
Unlimited text messages
Unlimited internet access.

The only restriction for internet access is that you are not allowed to tether your phone to a computer, but anything else is allowed.

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