Blackpool LUG Meeting 29/01/11

Another week with lots to do and lots of people there.

This we had 8 attendees
  • Mike
  • Dave
  • Arran
  • Colin
  • Ed
  • John
  • Les
  • And new member Mark, Hi Mark!
Dave and Les continued there session on virtual machines, this we we learnt how to use an ISO disc image as a CD/DVD in Virtualbox. We also investigated installing an OS on the virtual hard drive. This is a simple procedure, you treat the virtual hard drive, just as you would a real hard drive.

John and Colin installed the latest version of Firefox on an Acer Aspire netbook, that was running Linpus. This was not a straightforward procedure, as Linpus is fairly locked down compared to other Linux distros, but with perseverance, coffee and biscuits they did it!

Ed and Arran discussed backing up OS installations. Lets here from Ed
“As I am a linux newbie and most of my IT experience is with Windows I was

interested to here how linux might achieve things such as backing up data
and whole drives in the same way as ghost does for windows. I was also
interested to see how someone with more linux experience uses the command
line to manage the system and run applications.

We discussed hacking and security in particular the backtrack distro. I also
saw how you can run multiple sessions with a single terminal window useful
if managing a system via ssh.

I saw how I can view network information and we also installed wireshark.

I recently wondered why using the ifconfig did not display any information
about the wireless network connection. The answer was that I should use
iwconfig instead.

Piping things into “less” was also very useful when a command produces more
than a screens worth of information.”

Mark and Mike discussed their Linux experience. Mark is relatively new to Linux, but has a good grounding in IT, harking back to MS DOS.
Mark has an avid interest in retro games consoles and computers. He has just received a Pandora A fantastic little device that runs an ARM CPU and can run a full desktop.
The included OS is based on Angstrom Linux, but has been tweaked for the Pandora.
Mark’s first hurdle was installing and using VLC media player on his device. The installation was easy, literally copying a binary file to the desktop, but Mark did not know where his SD card was located. This is a common problem for first time Linux users, I showed Mark the file system of a Linux computer, and where the system mounted the SD card. After a few minutes we were ready to watch a video on his Pandora.
Mark then showed the group the MSX emulator, running Metal Gear 2 – Snake’s Revenge.
Another busy week at Blackpool LUG.
For reference, if anyone would like a copy of my Linux Command Line guide, then please help yourself
All the best

One Reply to “Blackpool LUG Meeting 29/01/11”

  1. Well another near record week and another new face to add to the ever growing band of Blackpool LUG, Mike all those long days sat by yourself are finally paying off big time. It also looks like you got quite a bit done, I had a brief look at an open Pandora when we were in Manchester for free software day and they are very cool.

    I have a project for next Saturday that Les is planning to help me with and that is using Blue-tooth to tether my Andriod Phone to my laptop, so if anyone else is interested in looking at this come along this coming Saturday (5th February).


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