Blackpool LUG Meeting 05/02/11

Another week, another new face…welcome to the LUG Donald.

Today we had
  • Donald
  • Ed
  • Tony
  • Mike
  • Dave
  • Colin
  • Les
  • Jon
  • Mark
Topics covered this week were
  • Installing Puppy Linux to a hard drive
  • Using Bluetooth to tether a phone to a laptop
  • The (in)famous Joggler
  • Mark’s Open Pandora

Video – Mark’s fantastic Open Pandora.
Installing Puppy Linux to a hard drive
Jon, Mike, Colin and Donald investigated how to install Puppy on to a laptop.
This was prompted by Jon’s post to the LUG’s mailing list.
I’m sure the lads can update me on how it went ;D
Colin was running Puppy on a P2 Toshiba laptop and dual booting Tinycore, he wanted to add microcore to triple boot.
Jon was running XP on a P3 Del;l  laptop, dual booting to Ubuntu, and wanted to add Puppy. After some initial misunderstandings about what was wanted, ie replace Ubuntu with Puppy, we made a start.
The general process is as follows:-

Boot the version of Puppy that you want to install from a live CD.
From the menu, select puppy universal installer
Select the drive you want to install to
Select the partition you want to install to
it is a good idea to prepare the partition with gparted
Tell the installer that the files are on the CD
Let all the files copy over.
Once done, you get the GRUB install menu, if you already have grub installed, you can skip the install and add the new entry for Puppy manually. If you dont have GRUB install then select install GRUB to MBR (possibly unsafe) Puppy is windows aware and will set up an entry in GRUB to boot windows as well.

Colins task was easier,

Boot the Puppy
Insert microcore in the CD
Make a folder called micro in the /boot/grub/ folder
Copy the microcore files off the CD into the micro folder
Edit GRUB to add microcore to the Puppy and tinycore entries.

Using Bluetooth to tether a phone to a laptop

Les has been using a £1 Bluettoth dongle to connect his Samsung netbook to his old N95 mobile, using the phone as a modem.
He accomplished this using an application called Blueman, which is available in many distributions repositories.
Tony, tried this using Linux Mint, and his HTC Hero. For some reason it wouldn’t work, it paired up ok, but never let us use the DUN. In hindsight I think we forgot to setup the mobile network in the network manager (Tony, perhaps we could do that on the way to Manchester on the 19th?)
We did have success using the wireless tether app for Tony’s Android phone. You need to have root privileges on your phone to do this, but that was no problem 😉
After installation, we were able to use the phone as an adhoc wireless router.

The (in)famous Joggler

As we all know, Les is very fond of his Joggler, even though it doesn’t have a battery 😉

The Joggler
Les has run various Linux distributions on this little device, Ubuntu, Joliclous, XBMC and finally Android.
It’s also been used to display interactive demos and videos at events.
Mark’s Open Pandora

This week Mark brought his Open Pandora for us to play with.
We ran a Nintendo 64 emulator, that was running Super Mario 64 (ah the memories), and we also connected it to our WIFI network.
Mark is learning Linux, he is making good progress, and I am sure that the LUG will be a great source of information.

See you all next week.

One Reply to “Blackpool LUG Meeting 05/02/11”

  1. We also got triple booting onto the laptop Mike lent me (Colin) so it
    booted Puppy, Tiny & Micro core but then it didn't – must investigate
    next time!


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