Blackpool LUG Meeting 30/07/2011

Today was a very busy meeting.

Arduinos, banners, Python, Inkscape, Open Pandora ethernet, and lots of coffee.

First things first, have you seen our new banner? If you are going to Oggcamp then you will see it in the flesh!

Next, have you downloaded and played Angry Beaks, our very own game launched in association with Blackpool computer club, if not, get it here;- Android Market – Angry Beaks


Donald and Jon worked on an Arduino, hooking it up to an LCD screen and sending messages to the screen.


From meetings

The Blackpool LUG has an Arduino controlled scrolling display.
Now we want a laser display, and Les wants an Arduino… #geekenvy

Arran and Mark worked on using a Wii ethernet to USB adaptor on his Open Pandora.


Once connected, it worked flawlessly, but the network manager reported nothing connected to the ethernet device. Apparantly the ethernet socket is not called eth0 but has some other name, so it works automatically, but doesn’t tell you…weird.

Les showed Tony how to place text on a path in Inkscape, and we discussed Inkscape performance in general. It is improving, but needs to be a lot quicker.

Les talked about the raspberrypi ARM computer in a USB drive, everyone wants one for Christmas 😀

Colin and Mike looked at a selection of Python and Android books, so it looks like we might be looking into that in a few weeks 😉

Another fun packed day at the LUG!

There will be no LUG on the 13th of August

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