Problems with Grub2 and dual booting

Jon has a laptop dual booting windows and Ubuntu.
After upgrading to windows7, the dual boot menu was lost, and only windows was available.
This is normal, and is the reason why it is preferable to install windows first, then Linux, for a dual booting system.
Ubuntu was still on the disk, windows had just replaced the bootloader with it’s own, and ignored Linux.
Normally in this situation, it is just a case of putting the grub boot loader back, but since the arrival of grub2, it does not seem to be as straightforward as it used to be with grub.
After a two hour session, we had still not managed to sort it.

Here is how Jon explains what happened next.

  1. After the meeting where we discussed my little problem (two weeks
  ago), I went home and re-installed Ubuntu. That fixed Ubuntu and Grub but
  nixed Windows.
  2. Tried various Windows recovery things, such as bootrec /fixboot,
  bootsect /nt60 etc to no avail
  3. After last weeks meeting, I re-installed Windows, which of course
  sorted out Windows but removed Grub (again)
  4. At this point, I re-booted using a 10.10 live CD, and using the recipe
  I found on’t intraweb, restored grub (and therefore Ubuntu) (recipe is here:
  BTW, this is the exact same receipe we used in the meeting to no effect. Go
  5. This should have put everything back to operation, but Windows was
  still saying ‘no Bootmgr’ \/_
  6. I then remembered that I manually edited grub.cfg back when I did the
  Ubuntu re-install (boo, hiss). Un-doing this change resolved the boot
  problem for Windows !!! Hurrah!

And so, after 2 weeks disrupution I’m back in the land of dual-booting
goodness!All becuase of Windows. Bless. 😉


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