Solwise plug as backup internet provision.

We have covered the little Solwise plug several times already:- and this week we decided to try and implement the mode where it falls back to 3g internet provision via a dongle if the wired network fails. It took a couple of hours for Jon to get it working, but eventually, it worked as planned, and was able to switch to the dongle if the wired network went off, and switch back if it came back on. All this was tested on the bench, and unfortunately when it was unplugged and moved to it’s intended position, it no longer worked. I have always suspected that these plugs lose their setting when unplugged, but Jon does not think so, and tends to think that the plug takes a long time to reboot and access the dongle, but we did not have time to wait. Another possibility was that the dongle may not have been able to pick up a signal in the position it was moved to. The reason I undertook this project was because the internet connection had been going on and off on a regular basis, and finally failed completely, remaining off for 4 days while BT openreach sorted out the problem.

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