Acer upgrade, Alpha server and Solwise plug

Tony upgraded the memory on his early Acer Aspire one netbook. You have to completely dismantle the netbook, so it is not a job for the faint hearted!

From meetings
From meetings
From meetings

More details on his Blog:

We have been trying to get Gentoo onto the DEC Alpha server,(See earler DEC Alpha posts) but the system crashed during the kernel compilation stage. The problem was probably lack of memory for the compilation process. The Gentoo site suggests 1Gig of memory for compilation, and the Alpha only had 256 Meg. Donald decided to try CentOS-4 instead. This is a rebranded RedHat enterprise linux which just needs installing, no compilation needed. The install of CentOS started, but then the CD drive failed. The CD is a SCSI drive, and had already been repaired once, earlier in the project. The Alpha belongs to Donald, and at this point, he decided to ‘call it a day’.
Solwise plug as Backup internet provision
Previous post is hereThe solwise project is another example of being almost there, but not quite. The failover to 3G worked, but was unreliable because of the very weak 3G signal. The O2 dongle replaced the 3 dongle and received a much stronger signal when used in a computer, but the Solwise plug would not recognise the O2 dongle. The plug is a discontinued item, and I was unable to find a firmware update to support the newer O2 dongle. An external booster aerial for 3G was dismissed as noted in the previous post.
I still like the idea of wired internet automatically failing over to 3G if the main broadband provision fails, and will probably look at it again in the future.

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