Jon tackles FreeNAS

Following on from our discussion last meeting about personal clouds and servers, I have decided to install FreeNAS on a box at home to provide file sharing and media streaming services.
It installed without a hitch and seems a pretty polished piece of software.
However, its based in FreeBSD, and my limited knowledge of working with non-Debian linux is holding me back every time I need to do something on the command line.
If anyone is familiar with FreeBSD, I’d appreciate a little assistance at the next meeting.
Cheers, Jon


OK, so the magic incantations required to get the LPRng package to install

    setenv PACKAGESITE


    setenv PKG_TMPDIR /mnt/freenas/share/tmp

And finally:

    pkg_add -r LPRng -P /mnt/freenas/share/app/

The paths on the last two commands are required because I’m running the
embedded version of FreeNAS, so the install has to take place on the
mounted volume (otherwise it runs of disk space)

So – now I have the LPRng package installed, I can actually try the howto
to get it working as a print server.

Wish me luck.- Jon


Printing is still proving to be elusive, but will no doubt be resolved at some stage. 
Jon is very happy with  FreeNAS in general, and is now utilising the NAS services provided.

freenas features

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