Blackpool LUG Meeting 14/01/2012

Blackpool LUG kick off 2012 in style!


In what was surely our busiest ever LUG session we welcomed Simon and his young son Theo, to the LUG.
Simon has been looking into starting a hackerspace in Preston, and came to Blackpool LUG as we also were looking into starting a hackerspace in Blackpool.
After discussing the requirements of a hackerspace, we agreed that we shall trial a hackerspace at Blackpool LUGs premises, for a couple of hours extra every week. So this would mean that the LUG would run every Saturday 10am to 12pm, and the hackerspace would be available from 12pm to 2pm. This is still a work in progress, and if you want to know more, then please follow out twitter account @towerlug

Hack to the Future has a wiki!

Blackpool LUG Special Projects Group will be at Hack to the Future on the 11th February, working with children to promote the use of Free and Open Source Software. And we are helping to run a wiki, and organise the infrastructure on the day.

In other news

Arran was hacking a Sky modem/router that he picked up from Cash Converters for 99p.

Blackpool LUG Meeting 14/01/2012

According to Open WRT, you can flash a version of Linux on to the box, but it removes all ADSL and LAN functionality, so basically it would be a paperweight.

Blackpool LUG Meeting 14/01/2012

Blackpool LUG Meeting 14/01/2012

Jon and Donald were once again hacking MythTV to do their bidding.

Blackpool LUG Meeting 14/01/2012

And Les was playing with his Arduino, blinking lights and a failed attempt to add a button.

Blackpool LUG Meeting 14/01/2012

Blackpool LUG Meeting 14/01/2012

We also talked about setting up a server for the LUGs projects, now luckily Arran is a beta test for Bytemark’s BigV virtual servers, so we could use that for 6 months, then it’s only £10 per month after that! So it looks like Arran is going to be busy. Thanks mate!

Tony has also taken a shine to learning Python programming, perhaps this series of videos by Google will help?

The next meeting is on the 21st, 10am.

You can find pictures of todays LUG on Les’ flickr account.

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