Blackpool LUG Meeting 04/02/2012

Outside it was cold, but inside there was a warm welcome.

This week it was all change at Blackpool LUG, well Mike moved the desks around, and tidied up a bit 😉

Blackpool LUG Meeting 04/02/2012
Tony has installed Crunchbang Linux on his Acer Aspire netbook, he loves it, apart from the touchpad doesn’t work. We shall have to investigate how to make it work, all the drivers are there and the kernel is up to date…mmm think we need @corenominal

Jon and Mike discussed Android tablets, such as Mike’s Kogan tablet.

Les started to play with his Arduino

Blackpool LUG Meeting 04/02/2012

He built two circuits, one which made an LED fade in and out, and his second which used a switch to turn and LED on and off. Simple stuff, but we all have to start somewhere.

You can see all of the pictures from todays LUG here

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