Lug Meeting 18/02/2012

This week at Blackpool LUG we were joined remotely by two of our members, Simon and Tony. Using Google hangout (which for those who weren’t physically present doesn’t yet support teleportation of chocolate biscuits!) LUG attendees Mike, Les, Jon, Donald and Arran were able to interact with the pair; discussing a variety of topics including the recent Hack to the Future event, the Raspberry Pi and Grub 2. 

Simon joins us from home
Later on we were also joined (also via Google hangout) by Peter Canon, also known as Dick Turpin from The Dick Turpin Roadshow. Thanks to Mike and Les for setting up the computer and for providing the equipment to make this possible.

Jon got to work with backing up his home directory on his laptop in preparation for an upgrade.

Arran shows Jon iostat

Arran and Donald had a look at O2 Joggler which had proved popular at Hack to the Future but unfortunately at time was inoperable as far as internet access was concerned. Today they got internet access working and Donald demoed the web interface to his MythTV system. 

The O2 Joggler

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