MythTV Update – replacing the hard disk

Having coped with only 20GB in my MythTV box for several weeks, and with mounting interest (demands) from the family, I have now got a 120GB disk I want to install in place of the small one.

Clearly, I want to avoid having to redo any of the work done in getting the box into its current state, so I was planning to clone the existing drive using dd, e.g. dd if= of=.

However, I used Clonezilla (running from a USB stick), which is a menu-driven system to clone the small hard drive directly onto a larger, external 120GB drive (thanks for the suggestion of Les Pounder. found here). Then I swapped the two drives, and then started up Myth to make sure it still worked (me? paranoid?).

With that done, I:

  • Went into GParted (once I had installed it – it’s not standard *shock* in *buntu), and created a new partition using up a large portion of the empty space. (luckily my LUG chums told me this would need to be done)
  • Created a mount point called /mnt/myth-media/
  • Changed ownership of the directory to match the ownership of the default directories, i.e. chown -R mythtv:mythtv /mnt/myth-media (*very important*)
  • Change permissions on the directories: chmod -R 755 /mnt/myth-media/
  • Added a line to /etc/fstab to get the partition to mount at boot: /dev/sdc /mnt/myth-media/ ext2 defaults 0 0
  • ran sudo mount -a to get the system to load the partition immediately
  • Ran MythTV setup to add the new folders to the storage groups already defined for LiveTV and Recordings
  • Went into Info Centre to check that it could see the extra storage
  • Lastly, watched TV and recorded a TV program, whilst monitoring the new directories for video files

So, all-in-all, a model upgrade. Thanks for everyone’s help. 🙂

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