Todays meeting

Well an interesting morning was had by all those present in person and via Google Hangout if we include the virtual presence then it was a record attendance of 12+.

Present were Les, Tony, Mike, Donald, John and Crawford

on the hangout were.


Philip and Rebecca Newborough, Aijaz, Simon (who joined us at one point while walking the dog), Jonathan, a couple of others I don’t know names for including Phil and Rebecca’s Daughter and at least one person who dropped in to see what was going on and probably decided we were totally raving mad and promptly left again shortly afterwards.

Blackpool LUG

After the initial novelty of the hangout and saying Hi to those with us virtually we did eventually get down to something, which this week was investigating the the LED display panels that Les had acquired (we are assured perfectly legitimately), he has a bit of paper to prove it.

It's alive!!!!!

One of the boards from the wallboards

After powering one of them up and seeing it display a boot message we (that would be Donald and Mike) decided to dismantle one of them to see how it was put together and what made it tick. It turned out that it is constructed of 8×8 LED blocks that are similar to those you get with an Arduino only larger so it is probable that you could control them using an Arduino which might be the next step in the project.

The vultures circle...

LED Display project brief

This is the Link to all the photos that Les took of this mornings meeting .

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