LUG Meeting 25/2/12

Better late than never I always say! ๐Ÿ˜‰

*Ahem* – anyway….this week we continue our telepresence experiments (with ourselves taking the place of the beagles), and we have a Google Hangout running again for the whole meeting, using a new spiffy Logitech 9000 super mega HD webcam (as acquired by Mr Pounder). After a while, its support for Linux turns out to be rather less than ‘super mega’ and Mr P decides he will send it back.

Blackpool LUG Meeting Google Hangout 250212

We also welcome a new LUGger this week – Crawford Orr. We obviously don’t extend our usual welcome as he decides to come back next week. Must be the quality of the biscuits. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Hangout turns out to have quite a effect on the whole meeting, as LUGgers take it in turns to talk with people in the Hangout, notably Simon (clearly too relaxed to drag his booty over to Blackpool) and Dan the Man who appears to be doing a ‘howto’ on eating breakfast.

Blackpool LUG Meeting Google Hangout 250212

The jury is out about how this will work going forward, but the assumption is that things will settle down as we get used to having virtual visitors, i.e. just ignore them and get on with our ‘stuff’.

Jon was doing an install of Ubuntu Server on a hard disk temporarily fitted into one of Mike’s computers (as he was too lazy to carry the whole machine to the meeting). After a false start trying to persuade the machine to boot from a USB stick, Mike donates a blank CD onto which is burned the ISO, and from that point, things seem to go swimmingly. Thanks Mike!

Jon working on his new machine

As you see from the pictures, Mike’s new layout means that all of the action takes places along one wall of the room, so we spend a fair amount of time facing away from each other. Some discussion about future layout alternatives ensues, including the possibility of a ‘Geeks of the Round Table’ option. However, I do notice that it allows people to decide whether they want to work or just chat (or split their time between both worthy activities) simply by swivelling around. Hmm…interesting. The important thing is that it makes furtive biscuit munching a lot easier now (I notice a significant decrease in the number of biscuits left at the end of the meeting).

The bench

I think Mike and Donald discuss BBC micros, programming, Raspberry Pi, CNC weaving looms and minivans (but I may have misheard).

The gang

There is some discussion between Les, Arran, Tony and Simon about the upcoming development project (to create a monitoring server application using Python and PHP) – more on that in future posts.

All in all, another great session. Here’s to the next one!

PS. The full set of pictures taken by Les are located here:

One Reply to “LUG Meeting 25/2/12”

  1. As you say better late than never. As for our gest via the Hangout, 'Mr Simply Red Hat' has got to be Dan's new name ๐Ÿ˜‰ will this require a change of title to the pod cast? You can't be an Outlaw if your part of the establishment. lol


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