This week, everyone is a GIT

Blackpool LUG met once again, and this time we learnt GIT, the version control system.

Git is a powerful version control framework, that allows users to branch off from the main trunk of code, write their own changes, then request to merge them with the original trunk.
Jon and Simon hack!
Today we setup our GitHub accounts and used the easy to follow Linux instructions (mainly for Ubuntu/Debian) to setup a test repository.
Following this we tried out the command line tools
  • We created an empty folder to contain our Git work.
  • We created a test file using “touch”
  • We used “git commit” to commit our changes, this then opened nano so that we could add comments to the code.
  • We then used “git status” to check the status of our folder and it’s contents.
  • Then we looked at the log using “git log” to see what we had done.
  • Les then cloned a repo from GitHub, using “git clone git://url_of_git_repo”
Donald researching a project
Donald and Mike carried on with their sterling work hacking the LED wallboards that Les brought in last week.

Arran and Donald talk about LEDs

Today was a busy day, lots of chatting and learning, the LUG still ran their Google Hangout, we had Mike “Heed” Rimmicans and Pete “Dick Turpin” Cannon.

Pete Cannon at Blackpool LUG

Thanks to everyone for coming and see you all next time!

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