Blackpool LUG Meetings 31/03/2012 to 21/04/2012

It’s been a while, lets catch up.

Join continued his 3rd part of his fantastic Python tutorials.
You can see pictures from that meeting here.

We also met for two meetings at a local coffee shop called Toast in Blackpool town centre.
Conversations ranged from the upcoming release of Ubuntu 12.04 on April 26th, to children learning to program.

April 21st.

The group met at the LUGs home on Ripon Rd, and it was a laid back meeting today.

Tony tinkered with his netbook.

Blackpool LUG Meeting 21/04/2012

And the group circled like vultures when they saw some new kit that Mike had aquired.



The LED wall sign project nears completion.

From meetings

All in all, a typical LUG 😉

There will be no LUG now until May 12th, but in the meantime you could go to UCubed

All the pictures from the LUG can be found here

Blackpool LUG Meeting 31/03/2012
Blackpool LUG Meeting 21/04/2012

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