Blackpool LUG Special Projects Group @UCubed

The third UCubed event was a runaway success, with over 60 people attending, and lots of buzz generated on the day.

And Blackpool LUG Special Projects Group aka “The Screaming Penguins” were right in the middle.
Big Tony was there manning the Debian Demo Area, surgically placed next to the Raspberry PI stand.


It was great to see so many different people, and their projects, passions and knowledge mix together and build an atmosphere of friendly inspiration.


The event showcased some interesting technologies, from the recently released Raspberry PI, kindly provided by Gordon Henderson, who travelled up from Devon to join our event, to the Fignition, a full 8-bit computer that you build from scratch, and can program using a varient of the Forth language.

This years event was split over two floors. With the ground floor becoming a workshop area, where we had demo machines running various Debian based distros, Fignition and hardware hacking area and a Raspberry Pi demo area. The top floor was our lecture theatre, where many excellent talks took place, a few examples were

Unity Intro, presented by Phil Guerreiro

Interactive Python Class, presented by Jon Chamberlain and Alan O’Donohoe

Preseeding Debian Distros, presented by Jack Wierden

3D Printing, presented by Martin

The quality of all the talks on the day was excellent, and many thanks to everyone who hosted a talk for stepping up and sharing their knowledge.
There were a few famous open source / Linux people in attendance, Dan Lynch of Linux Outlaws fame, and Philip and Rebecca Newborough (Lord and Lady Crunchbang).


We managed to record a brief podcast in Madlab’s office (Thanks to Dave and Maria for allowing us to steal their office.) This podcast was a continuation of the (popular) Flying Handbag Podcast, which was first recorded outside the gents toilet (True) at Barcamp Blackpool in 2011. The latest podcast was codenamed “UCubicle” to continue the toilet humour gag 😉 , you can download it here but it does contain a few swear words, so make sure your kids or nan aren’t listening.

I want to say a big thank-you to everyone who came, and supported us. It’s great to see such a small event being so widely supported.
Also thanks to Gordon, Julian Skidmore and Alan O’Donohoe for sharing the projects and passions on the day, and to Madlab for providing a brilliant venue.

Lastly big thanks to the team behind UCubed, we worked for many months to make this happen

Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs
Michael “Heed” Rimicans
Michael Dorrington
Bob “Paragon” Clough
“Big” Tony Hughes
Arran Gallagher
Jon Chamberlain
Same time next year?

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