Blackpool LUG Meeting 19/05/12

Another action packed meeting at Blackpool LUG.

This week we were joined by three new faces.

Alan O’Donohoe the face of computing in schools, and driving the recent surge in Raspberry Pi based events, called Raspberry Jams 😉

RosiePy, Alan’s daughter and Youtube presenter.

Ian Dixon, podcaster and blogger over at

And our meeting was very busy.

Les, Ian and Alan looked at the Raspberry Pi running XBMC and OpenElec.


Tony, and Mike worked on installing Debian on an old thin client PC.

Jon, Oliver and James continued their Python masterclass.


The group talked about some events happening in the next few weeks.

Raspberry Jams are popping up around the UK, there are events happening in Preston, Manchester, Sheffield and London. The events are there to support new Raspberry Pi users, and will show case the varied projects that can be accomplished with such a versatile device.
Blackpool LUG’s Special Projects Group will be at the Preston and Manchester events.

Ian told us about an event he is organising in September, a user group day for people to meet and share their projects. Blackpool LUG have been asked to demo Linux distros at the event, and I’m sure my team will be up to the challenge.

Alan played roving reporter, and recorded a quick audio boo with the team, you can listen to it here.

And finally

Blackpool LUG have taken on another challenge…we are the new hosts of the Fullcircle Podcast.
Taking over from Robin, Ed and Dave. We will shortly be hosting a roundtable podcast with your new hosts.

  • Les Pounder
  • “Big” Tony Hughes
  • Jon Chamberlain
  • Oliver Clark
Stay tuned for more information!
See you next week.

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