Bodhi Linux smokes the competition

From Blackpool GNU Linux User Group

Attending this week:  Donald, Mark, Jon, Les, Tony and Mike.

Mark showed off his new core i7 laptop, and then spent the morning installing several different OS’s into virtualbox.
Jon brought in a NAS box, and after much poking, prodding and tinkering, the NAS box was pronounced dead.
Donald, a MythTV guru,  had been experimenting with the Igel thin client, but decided there was not enough power in the Igel graphics chip for it to be used with Myth.
Tony spent the morning setting up a Dell laptop with Windows XP for a friend.
Bodhi Linux smokes the competition:
On a Dell Latitude E5500 core 2 Duo with 3 Gig ram and an OCZ Agility 120Gig SSD, 
Bodhi started up from pressing the on button to the desktop with wireless enabled and ready to go in 15 seconds. 
Five second of the 15 was the bios starting, so the actual start time was 10 seconds.
Lubuntu struggled, starting in 25 seconds, twice as long.
When we tested Bodhi last year, Les bemoaned how slow it was. They have certainly corrected that problem. Starting Firefox on this system was almost instantaneous, and even Libre Office was spritely, if you can believe that?

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