Just like the old days – LUG meeting 3rd November

We did have a meeting this week although it was limited to Tony, Donald and Mike with Olly putting in an appearance on a hangout. Reminded me of a few years ago when I first attended the lug and most weeks it was just 3/4 of us.

Coffee was supped , biscuits munched and not much in the way of Linux this week, although we manage to chat our way through to 12.30 and discuss various topics from central heating to beds!!!!

On a more techie note we conducted the hangout at our side using the Nexus 7 that I bought a couple of weeks ago, and it worked flawlessly. The sound is a little tinny, and we had to improvise a stand using old computer magazines so that Olly wasn’t staring at the ceiling. the Nexus 7 is very capable of conducting Hangouts if you need to while your out and about, amusing you have access to WiFi.

The Nexus is a great bit of kit the more I use it the better I like it, as I said when I bought it it’s downside is that it does not have 3G connectivity so you can guess what happened, a few days after I got it Google announced a 3G model. Looks like one for the Christmas list 🙂

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