Blackpool LUG Meeting 2nd March 2013

New members Kieran and Elizabeth joined the LUG regulars for a morning full of geeky fun.

This week, some sad news, LUG regular and Fullcricle podcast member Jon Chamberlain is leaving the LUG and is off to seek his fortune in New Zealand.

Good luck to Jon and his family as they travel to “Middle Earth”.

This week.

  • Kieran learnt about Ubuntu, and used a Live USB stick to play with Ubuntu on his laptop.
  • Elizabeth and Tony fixed an update issue on Linux Mint 14.
  • Jon drew a picture on Tony’s Lenovo x200 tablet PC.
  • Donald and Mike chatted and had coffee.
  • Arran showed Kieran how to set up wireless networking with Ubuntu 12.10.
  • Les took lots of pictures and shot some new view with his new toy, the Kodak ZE1.
You can see the video here
Next week (9th March) there will be NO LUG meeting as the majority of the group will be out at the Raspberry Jamboree event in Manchester.
Photos from today’s LUG meeting can be found here

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