23 March 2013 – Owncloud revisited

Attending this week Elizabeth, Keiran and Mike.

 Keiran, ably assisted by Elizabeth, worked on a presentation about Linux for his IT project at school.

 I took another look at owncloud, an open source dropbox.
When I first looked at Owncloud, a few versions back, it had problems syncing. The sync would fail regularly with a message about the time not being in sync. Even setting the server and client to use the same network time server did not help, so I gave up.

Version 5 is now out, and the time sync problem is gone, and Owncloud is looking good.
My only concern now is security. I do not know enough about network server security to expose my Owncloud server to the internet, so I am using Hamachi.

By Placing an Hamachi server in the same network as the Owncloud server, and using an Hamachi client on machines that I want to access Owncloud, access is carried out in a private network.
No ports need to be opened on the router, and so it feels more secure. If it is not secure, perhaps someone will let me know!

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