LUG meeting 16th March 2013

A depleted group of myself, Mike, Elizabeth and Kieran were at the meeting at Rippon Road this morning. Mike helped Elizabeth fix the problem she was having with updates in her install of Mint 14, with the help of some advice from a member of the community forum.
I helped Kieran install Ubuntu 12.10 as a dual boot on his windows 7 laptop. After the install we completed the 301 updates then did a little extra by adding the medibuntu repository and getting flash and DVD playback working. Also added the restricted extras for the additional codec support and extra fonts available in these packages. One of the reasons I run Mint is because most of this has been done and is available from the vanilla install.
Just as an aside, Kieran let us know today that since he has been attending the LUG his marks in IT classes have gone from the lowest grade up to the top grade due to the new knowledge he has gained at the LUG, so he’s well chuffed.


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