Arduino energy monitoring

We have been doing various projects with the Arduino. Several people have expressed interest in the energy monitoring project I am working on, so here is the progress so far.

A site monitoring the temperature of various rooms in my house, and also the power usage.
See it here:-

The loft is the hottest area in the summer, and the front room is the coolest room. The outside temperature is also monitored for comparison.

Home made Arduino (shrimps) with temperature sensors and wireless are used to monitor temperature and send the info back to to the base station which is an Arduino Mega. The base station sends the data to google appengine where it is displayed and graphed.

I am doing this project to try and get my energy usage down, but I don’t really know how I am doing without other peoples energy usage to compare against. I have asked various people what they use, but a broader overview would be useful, so here is a site where you can put in your (electricity/gas meter readings) usage if you feel like helping out.    Thanks in advance, Mike

 Register here to enter readings:-

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