LUG Saturday 14th September

Mike, Les, Elizabeth. Keiran, James, Ollie, Donald, Joe, ‘surly Dev’ and myself Tony.

Another general week of discussion and one or two individual projects going on during the session. I was trying to restore a backup image of my main desktop PC which is a Lenovo Thinkcentre MT-M 7373-CTO onto an almost exact replica of the machine but with a slightly faster Core 2 Duo CPU.

After an initial glitch the image copied onto the HDD (same 160Gig as the other PC) but refused to boot. It turned out to be an issue with GRUB.

Unable to correct this so going to try a different Backup utility and have another go next week. I’ll post as to progress next week.

Les worked on building an ultrasonic alarm, using an Arduino compatible device called The Shrimp, he bought a few bits of kit from eBay, such as the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor.

He used a guide from Instructables and the pin out diagram for the ATMEGA chip that powers the shrimp.

Les also helped Surly Dev install a LAMP stack on his Crunchbang powered netbook, and they discussed Google’s new CODER platform.

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