Blackpool LUG and Makerspace


Elizabeth, Kieran, Les, Patrick, Mike, and a warm welcome to Sam who traveled from Preston for the Makerspace meeting.

Les gave a demo of Minecraft running on a Raspberry Pi, and also donated an Arduino to be left here for anyone to play with.

At last weeks meeting, we discovered that Patrick’s Raspberry Pi problem was probably related to his SD card. Patrick brought a new SD card this week, and the Pi worked perfectly after loading Raspbian onto the new card. Unfortunately, the HDMI to VGA converter which Patrick bought did not work, so without a HDMI TV, patrick needs to use his Pi ‘headless’.
Les has a HDMI to VGA converter which does work, when I have checked with Les, I will buy one for the group.

We discussed renaming the Blog from Blackpool GNU Linux user group, to Blackpool LUG and Makerspace. The point was also made that by combining the groups, some people may feel excluded if more Makerspace stuff starts to dominate what was once a meeting solely about Linux.

Several options/suggestions were made, but no decisions were taken.  I am hoping that a system will evolve over time to suit the members who attend regularly.

The additional two hour extension has proved popular, so that is now a permanent feature.
I am now adding the possibility  of a further two hours taking us to 4 o’ clock.
However, these last two hours will be ‘on demand’, and not open to drop in. That is, if everyone is gone by 2 o’clock, I will close. If people already here want to stay on until 4, I will remain open.

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