Blackpool Makerspace – getting busy

Attending: Elizabeth, Kieran, Sam, Les Tony, Dev, Mike and making this meeting an international one, Jon joined us from New Zealand via Google hangout, and Ollie joined in from Chorley (UK)

Les helped Sam make his laptop dual boot windows and Linux mint. Tony helped Kieran wipe his windows laptop and switch solely to Linux mint.
Les has been developing/working on a Pi powered fortune telling Arcade type machine, and has supplied some details here:-  here
Sam is trying to come up with a project for university, and is currently researching three different prospects. 

Tony brought in his new ‘bridge’ camera which can also do full HD video.
Tony Ordered a colorHug and is looking forward to being able to properly calibrate his monitor for more reliable photo reproduction as he has just joined his local photographic society..

I looked for information about using a raspberry pi to enable google cloud printing, and found this article showing how to add a printer to the pi:-

Once the printer is installed, the Chrome/Chromium browser needs to be installed with the cloud printing extension, and left running.

As we continue to take on more Makerspace projects, I wonder if there is a way to capture the details of these projects, or if each project should just get a brief mention here.

A while back, we tried using an open  Wiki to provide more in depth detail on the Mythbuntu project and it worked well, but was not used again.

Are we  happy with a brief overview of what goes on each week, or should we look at ways of providing more detail?

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