Spring Cleaning…The Inside of a PC

So, this is the 2nd “winter” that my puter has been noisy on start up – it doesn’t happen in summer.  Michael said he thought it would be the fan & invited me some weeks ago to bring my Tower into LUG.

Today was the day!

So we took it apart – and I was shown 2 fans – one for the main casing & one for the processor.  The casing fan wasn’t and never had been connected even.
The processor fan was working ok.  There was lots of dust in the main casing (not surprising after nearly 5 years when it had been bought from new) so that has all been hoovered out.

However, the noise was still there – and it was coming from yet another fan which is located in the power supply box.    Soooo, out that came!  (by this time my heart was considering arrest & my Blood Pressure, I felt, was higher than the kettle voltage!)

Michael then got a spare power supply box and attached a used spare fan to it to test that it worked without making the grinding noise & it did!  Great!  Next problem was to fit the replacement power supply box fan into the original box on the computer.  The power wire connectors were not compatible so the wires on both fans were cut – and the old, needed connector was reconnected to the replacement fan. The wires were twisted together, soldered and then finally taped with insulation tape. (I remember my Dad calling this stuff Passepartout – does anyone know why?  One of the LUG members thought that Passepartout was to do with Visa’s not insulation tape! I tell you this so that you will understand that our LUG meetings are full of educational seeking of one sort or another!)

Back to the power supply box – we powered up the computer before reassembly to make sure all was working.  The guys all “knew” that everything would be well but I was still in the equivalent of previously described “Kettle terror!” – and to my terrific relief I found that mission was successfully accomplished! 

I have uttered my heartfelt thanks to Michael and all who assisted in ridding me of this extremely aggravating noise which would increase in time length as the winter progresses & would eventually lead to the replacement of a new power supply box.  For gratitude I was jokingly asked if I would write this account for the blog. Now, I wouldn’t presume that the Guys are chauvinistic in any whatsoever, oh no – that’s not my style at all –  but as the only female here in this fascinating, talented group I couldn’t wait to prove that I could actually write this – even if I couldn’t originally diagnose my computer’s grinding noise.   

Finally Guys – Many, many thanks for all your patience explaining everything along the way & for all the calm, reassurance which annihilated the need for me to have an E.C.G.

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