Blackpool LUG and Makerspace

Present are Mike, Les, Tony, Ollie, Elizabeth & Kieran.

This is an extremely varied morning in progress as I type with varied activities by all interspersed with explanations; knowledge sharing & much laughter as the jokes fly about.

Mike had set up openSUSE as Tony had wanted to see an RPM Distro.  Les has his Raspberry Pi set up – he has installed an Raspbian interface as well as PIP (packaging manager with Python for connecting with Twitter);

Tony is installing Lubuntu on an old computer for Kieran’s Grandma as well as clearing Elizabeth’s laptop of Windows XP & Linux Mint (Mate) with the intention of reinstalling Mint 14 in Partition 1 (where XP was) & creating a new partition ready to install openSuse as a back up OS (& something new for me to play with).

Ollie is planning for the Full Circle Podcast which is run by Ollie, Les & Tony.

Kieran has fixed (if only temporarily!) the noise his laptop made on start up (fan?) by hoovering out the dust & kept an eye on Tony’s installation of Lubuntu.

Interspersed with this is an attempt by Les to rescusitate The Witches Laugh – a Raspberry Pi Halloween special which is refusing to laugh; and snacks have been very kindly provided by Tony.

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