Blackpool Makerspace meeting 14th November

Attending:- Tony, Elizabeth, Kieran and Mike. Les couldn’t be with us today due to a meeting elsewhere.

For the novice Linux user sometimes even the simplest of tasks can prove difficult.  As an “older” novice I have struggled long & hard to try to copy or move files from Mint onto a flash drive.  I circumvented the issue by accessing Mint desktop via Ubuntu.  Today was enlightenment day when I was shown how to simply drag a picture or file to the flash drive icon. 

I also had issues updating my tablet due to the cessation of Medibuntu packages so these packages were removed.

Kieran has continued to suffer issues with his Toshiba & Michael assisted as much as possible.  Kieran has been trying to install Logmein Hamachi on Linux Mint Version 13 (Cinnamon)without success so far. 

Tony succeeded with an install of Hamachi on his own laptop running a later version of Mint. It would seem that Kieran’s computer does not have a compatible library.  Until a newer version is installed Kieran will need to be patient.

Tony has downloaded the software “Multi System” which allows you to choose to boot and install from  any iso file distro stored on a USB stick, or memory card.

This meeting is another laid back relaxed “free wheeler” – whatever comes to mind is done and the coffee & brioche are good too!

Thank you to Elizabeth for writing this post, and to Tony for the food.

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