Makerspace meeting 23/11/2013

Present Mike, Tony, Joe, Elizabeth, Kieran, Dev and Ollie.

An interesting morning again.
Tony kindly offered to install OpenSuse as a back up OS on Elizabeth’s laptop. Interestingly, OpenSuse refused to acknowledge a Multi System pen drive resulting in a bizarre hysterical attack in the terminal resulting in a corrupt pen drive.
OpenSuse is currently being downloaded onto Tony’s laptop ready for installation on Elizabeth’s laptop next week. Tony also reinstalled Linux Mint 16 on one of his laptops.

Kieran installed logmein hamachi on his linux mint laptop for gaming purposes, but then he couldn’t find how to start Hamachi.  Michael advised that there was no graphical user interface supplied in the Linux version & therefore he would need to set it up using the command line. Kieran then found online how to do that & proceeded to success.

Kieran also discharged the enormous weight of frustration from Elizabeth by learning, and then teaching Elizabeth, (in 10 seconds flat) the Dr Who Google game which Elizabeth had been unable to fathom! Oh the joys of old age!

 Joe created a webpage where you can view the temperature in one of the rooms at the makerspace.
The temperature is monitored with an arduino and a temperature sensor. The arduino has a network shield to allow it to send the data to the graph on google app engine.

By adding a light sensor as well, we intend to have an automated system that displays and/or tweets  “Blackpool Makerspace is open and the temperature is…”  when the lights are turned on.

Dev has been trying to connect to a server by SSH to do some HTML and CSS, with help from Joe (who provided the black magic syntax).

Michael wrote a blog about the use of typewriters & the availability of xerox copiers to the masses going back to the 60’s/70’s   ~ as well as being the perfect host of makerspace as always.

 Tony Elizabeth and Kieran left at lunchtime, just as Ollie arrived, and the session went on until about 15-30.

 Grateful thanks to those who provided the goodies (Tony & Dev).Brioche, fairy cakes and jaffa cakes washed down with Michael’s superb coffee helped to sustain all brains at makerspace this week.

 Thank you to Elizabeth for writing this post.

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