Blackpool Makerspace meeting 30/11/2013

Attending: Tony, Elizabeth, Kieran, Joe and Michael.

Apologies: were received from Les who was unfortunately too heavily committed with work this week to be able to attend.

Michael, the perfect host as always, started the morning with a leaking new Coffee Maker ~ DeLonghi.  All brains were put to the task of providing a remedy for this vital piece of equipment.  By a stroke of brilliant modification the new machine was made to produce coffee, and then progress to more technical matters was made.  The temptation to dismantle DeLonghi was firmly resisted in favour of reading the instructions when Michael returns home.
Tony helped Kieran install XFCE so that he has a useable computer as Cinnaman had crashed. Additionally he had burnt DVD’s of Suse 13.1 for Elizabeth.

Kieran has been learning from watching Tony & a discussion of a possible longer term solution took place.  Since new, long-term support for Mint comes out in May it was decided to try and manage until then. Kieran is happy with SFCE anyway as it makes his system much faster.

Elizabeth watched Tony restore Kieran’s computer; explored Suse from the live disk & decided to have it installed at the next meeting.  Discussion also took place with Michael concerning the security issues of banking using live disc; and the difference between PATA and SATA cables.

Joe has made a site which maps the location of his phone ~ & which also provides historical data ~ so that he can trace back to previous locations.
Last week Joe made an Arduino with a light sensor, this is now in use to send a tweet to @makerspacefy1 each time the space opens (ie lights on) and each time the space closes (lights off) the feed can be seen on the blog.

Refreshments were brought in by Tony – Brioche, Gingerbread rounds etc….. essential for active brain sustenance.

Thank you to Elizabeth for writing this post.

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