LUG/Makerspace meeting 7.12.13

Attending: Michael, Les, Tony, Joe, Elizabeth, Kieran, Dev

Michael installed Mythbuntu in the hopes of using a central computer as a form of “Set Top Box”  to record Freeview TV programmes capable of being watched by multiple users at home. There were a few problems, but by the end of the session it was working. 
The following link was used as a guide:-

Michael had also explored the De Longhi coffee making machine issue from last week & put in place the necessary missing part – thus rescuing De Longhi from Return to Provider or complete frontal lobotomy.

Les successfully changed the start up configuration for Elizabeth‘s Tower computer which has 3 OS’s on it.  Linux Mint was the favoured auto start up OS but since a recent Ubuntu update the start up configuration had been altered to Ubuntu. This modification means a dramatic improvement to Elizabeth‘s mornings – it will no longer be necessary to wait at the computer during start up in order to select which OS is required.

Les was showing Kieran how to download & install Scratch onto his laptop- Scratch being a program building learning tool involving game construction. Having installed Scratch a Wack-a-Witch game was constructed & Les helped Kieran to understand the configuration & tools necessary for this game.
Les then moved on to explaning Python Programming to Kieran.
Kieran – was learning much from Les about Scratch & programme configuration. Then Python was absorbed which means that Kieran can now programme loops.

Tony – put various systems onto a Multi System disc. He also completely re-installed Mint Debian on his laptop due to the looming OS expiry of Mint 15. (January) Debian Mint is a semi rolling release based on the Debian testing Repositories.

Mac OS Mavericks was installed onto a standard PC – Mavericks being the latest OS from Apple. (this machine is referred to as a  “hackintosh”). 
Start up issues were partially resolved but graphic issues made scrolling very jerky and are yet to be resolved.

Elizabeth – asked lots of questions (as per normal) in order to draft the blog & tried to understand what everyone was doing/talking about.

Dev – explored Mongo, a data base system.

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