LUG/Makerspace meeting 14.12.13

Attending: Michael, Les, Tony, Chris, Tim, Elizabeth, Kieran

Michael helped Tim with his project (see below).

Les & Kieran have been working with random numbers in Python, creating number guessing games & Lottery number generation.   

Tony helped Elizabeth install Open Suse as a dual boot onto her laptop.  He also showed Mike that Lubuntu had Microsoft TTF fonts available in the Package Manager.

Discussions held with Chris & Les re the merit of the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 & the Moto G phones ~ as well as a broader discussion with Les, Elizabeth & Kieran about the availability of second hand PC equipment, including laptops, from a regular local auction of ex-corporate technology.

Chris has been trying to repair his Netbook as Windows very ungraciously destroyed the linux dual boot setup on it. This is a work in progress. 
Work includes installing a new Linux OS “Manjaro” which is based on ArchLinux. Discussions also with TIm re his radio remote control device. 

Tim has been looking at the possibility of decoding the control unit for remote plugs with a view to controlling it via software from a Raspberry Pi or Arduino – for home automation.  Our first step has been to use a logic probe to investigate the chip inputs on the remote. Further research needed!

Elizabeth attempted to install Open Suse as a back up OS on her laptop – a 1st attempt which needed assistance as Open Suse did not automatically create a partition – this had to be manually achieved.  

There were lots of lovely nibbles this week brought in by Tony & Chris and Mike kindly provided (well-behaved) De Longhi coffees. (It’s amazing what the threat of a lobotomy can do to a piece of coffee making equipment).

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